Department of Public Policy

The Department of Public Policy (DPP) is a multidisciplinary institution focused on the study of global public policy issues both in theory and in practice. Through excellence in teaching and research, DPP aims to create an educational experience that involves not only the acquisition of skills and knowledge but also the cultivation of a mindset that emphasizes entrepreneurship, innovation, cultural awareness and commitment to the public good.

DPP offers three master's degrees in public policy, and the public policy track of the Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science program. The programs are tailored for students from around the world seeking careers in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors at the local, national, and international levels. The Department boasts a team of outstanding resident faculty, world-class visiting faculty made up of top researchers, and practitioners in the public policy field who bring a wide array of academic and practical subjects to DPP's diverse classroom.

DPP aims to work with students, faculty, researchers and practitioners who are unafraid to challenge prevalent assumptions in the world of public policy and brave enough to propose new solutions. The Department strives to equip these individuals with the tools to construct a community of "purpose beyond power."

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Location: Vienna
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