CEU to Phase Out Executive MBA Program

December 2, 2022

After an extensive external academic review, CEU's Senate has come to the difficult decision to end its Executive MBA program. Founded in 2019, the program enjoyed robust interest from students from diverse cultural, professional, and social backgrounds. It successfully graduated its first cohort last academic year and has currently 159 students enrolled.

The external academic review was mandated by the CEU Senate when the program was launched two years ago. It was carried out by three distinguished academics who carefully evaluated among other questions student recruitment, program cost and revenue, and future investment needs. It concluded that maintaining the program in its current form was not sustainable and that significant additional investment would be required to secure its future. Considering CEU's strategic effort to align teaching and research to the University's mission and core strengths, this investment will not be feasible.

Today's decision will not affect currently enrolled students in any way. They will be able to complete the program with the same high-quality teaching and learning that first attracted them to the program and CEU. However, admissions to the program have been suspended with immediate effect. CEU will now begin conversations with colleagues involved in the EMBA to ensure the continued, smooth running of the program for current students as well as a successful transition for faculty and staff.

On behalf of the University's Board of Trustees, CEU Chair Geoffrey Smith commented, "By all objective measures, this program has been a success, due in no small part to the dedication of its faculty, staff, and students. CEU is proud to have hosted it and is grateful to Maciej Kisilowski and Yusaf Akbar."

CEU President and Rector, Shalini Randeria, noted, "The program succeeded in attracting professionals of diverse backgrounds to the CEU and that too during not only a pandemic but also a forced transition of the University from Budapest to Vienna. CEU owes Professors Kisilowski and Akbar a debt of gratitude for their dedication in establishing the program and running it under these difficult conditions."